Our knowledge of the market and its segments as a holistic system and years of accumulated information on the successful practices of leading players provides us with accurate guidelines for research activities, thus saving time and money for our clients. Our research credo: high hypothesis fidelity, systematical analysis, and practical results.
Аналитика в Fashion Consulting
Аналитика в Fashion Consulting
  • Industry report on the Russian Fashion Market Fashion Consulting

    Industry report on the Russian Fashion Market

    FCG prepares the industry report Russian Fashion Market report: Clothing, Footwear, Accessories – the result of constant and systematic monitoring. Since 2004 we have been measuring the “temperature and pressure” of the market. Regular updates are made to the report to reflect the actual market dynamics.

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  • Trend-analytics Fashion Consulting


    FCG – in partnership with the international trend bureau – presents forecasts of global fashion trends in clothes, shoes and accessories on the Russian market. Forecasting trends includes both macro trends – social, economic and cultural features at a global scale affecting consumption – and commercial trends that offer specific recommendations on the assortment for the season. This service is provided by subscription. FCG examines this information and produces customized recommendations considering the specific details of the local market, geography, cultural features of local demand and customer positioning.

    • Social trends and long-term forecast;
    • Industrial forecast for 1.5 years: fashion themes, materials, prints and patterns, key models and designs;
    • Retail review and fast fashion trends;
    • Reviews by segments: women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, underwear, home textiles, etc.
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  • On-demand research Fashion Consulting

    On-demand research

    FCG conducts customized marketing and indusrty research considering business’ goals and objectives. It could be industry briefings, detailed expert analytics, local and federal field studies: quantitative and qualitative analysis.

    We develop a methodology and research tools for the company’s business objectives, considering the specifics of each separate industry segment.
    Marketing research inckudes special consulting section “Expert opinions and practical recommendations”, where
    FCG offers its expert vision of how the research results can be interpreted and utilized by our costumer’s with respects to their individual goals.

    On-demand research examples

    • Study of the Russian clothing market;
    • Study of the Russian shoe market;
    • Study of the Russian jewelry market;
    • Study of the Russian fashion e-commerce market;
    • Study of the Russian export / import market;
    • Analytics of the domestic production market;
    • Analytics of the luxury segment of the Russian fashion market;
    • Analytics of the mass market segment of the Russian fashion market;
    • Market structure. Analysis of the market capacity and conditions; assessment of market trends;
    • Price segment. Analysis of both the selected target segment and the development prospects of the customer’s company: dynamics, capacity, main players in the market, best practices;
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