We advise fashion industry enterprises engaged in the production, wholesale and retail of fashion industry goods. A systematic study and analysis of the characteristics of the dynamic Russian market forms our professional capital.
Аналитика в Fashion Consulting
Аналитика в Fashion Consulting
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    The bulk of Russian consumers utilize simultaneously several means of communication, as social media continues to relentlessly take over more traditional forms of media. The interactivity of communication and the consumer emotional involvement in a brand’s information field become the basis of communication. The effectiveness of a piece of text depends on how laconic it is, the illustration it portrays, the depiction of bright, gripping infographics, and the selection of a proper tone, rather than the intrinsic quality of its content. Similarly, the effectiveness of an event relies on both the interest shown by influencers and their reviews on this gathering, rather than on its advertising budget. In Fashion Consulting Group, we help companies in the fashion industry establish the most appropriate, efficient, and contemporary communication channels towards their target audience, in a context of information overload and strenuous competition for consumers attention. We help companies to be heard and understood.

    Our services are:

    • Establishment of a multi-platform communication system with the target audience;
    • PR campaigns and other promotions: B2C and B2B;
    • Event marketing and fashion shows: from budgeting to accomplishment;
    • Development and realization of unique pop-up projects for magazines, showrooms, and shopping malls;
    • Fashion collaborations – product and image: search for partnership, locations and participating brands;
    • Business events and business program organisation;
    • Expo-marketing strategy and business events: a systematic approach towards an effective participation in fashion exhibitions.
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    The main trends in today’s fashion industry – which will continue to generate and increase profit in the long term – are anti-consumerism and eco-friendliness,]encouraged by the digitalization of business. These tendencies will affect every player in the market in the short run. Digitalization and the rejection of “paper” in manufacturing, along with the economies of scale and joint purchases, sustainability and recycling of fashion products, increased functionalities, and slow fashion and ethical business are unavoidably becoming the pillars of the contemporary fashion industry. Taking advantage of a worldwide expertise and benefiting from our understanding of the nuances of the Russian market, Fashion Consulting Group provides the right toolset for companies to grow organically while gradually introducing novel technologies into the different business processes.

    Our services are:

    • Cost optimization of key processes;
    • Budget estimation for automatization and digitalization;
    • Efficiency report and ROI forecast;
    • Tailor-made strategy development for a stable growth;
    • Research in the area of digital transformation and sustainability and recruitment of specialists;
    • Thorough examination of existing technologies and selection of the most appropriate options to be infused into the business processes.
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    • Effectiveness of sales evaluation – including product distribution, excess stock, and the segregation of stock flows through distribution channels;
    • The optimization of manufacture logistics and stock policies, along with the organization and architecture behind virtual warehouses;
    • Sales stimulation and reduction in surplus stock through events and promotions;
    • Employee regulations and instructions in the sales department of the Wholesale/Retail/Franchising segments;
    • Technical capabilities/introduction of automatization in sales processes;
    • The development of events to attract clients belonging to loyalty programs considering the different distribution channels;
    • Fanchising project launch: strategy development, compilation of required documentation for franchising, creation of a franchising-book.
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