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Аналитика в Fashion Consulting
Аналитика в Fashion Consulting

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Clothing and footwear store ""
We've been working closely with FCG team for over six years now. During this time we have completed several successful projects in different busness areas... Read full review
The company for the production and sale of shoes "UNICHEL"
As a result of working with FCG on assortment, our company was able to adapt international assortment management technologies to the realities of a Russian manufacturing company... Read full review
Reinhard Döpfer, President of the European Textile Export Council (Stuttgart)
This is the occasion to convey my own and IGEDO’s gratitude, and most sincere thanks to FCG for having acted extremely successful as reliable partner and co-organizer of RFRF... Read full review
"Salamander", German footware company
Working together with team FCG allowed us to look from a new perspective at strategic and tactical mistakes. Especially worth noting the attentive and scrupulous attitude to the company's analytics. As well as the ability to see key competencies and offer solutions according to the specifics of business.
ANTIGA, fashion manufacturer and retailer
Thanks to long-term cooperation with FCG, we managed not only to get familiar with the methods for collections developing, but also adapt and develop teilored solutions for our company. This allowed fashion collections to be planned based on the company's performance and sales. The design team work has become clear and systematic. Analysts and designers began to think about the collection from customers point of view and presentation on the trading floor.
Larisa Balunova, owner and designer "Balunova Fashion Design Studio"
Thank you for the productive work and demonstration of the possibilities to translate a design idea into commercially succesful product. In the course of our team work with FCG the core of the BALUNOVA... Read full review
Sergey Astafiev, Director "Provento", clothing reatail company
Everything on the case. Each phrase is supported by experience, an example from life. Thank you for additional materials for the training: tests, questionnaires, training materials. I will be glad to see Elena's new trainings.
Vladimir Boldyshev, owner of a chain of multi-brand men's clothing and footwear stores Oscar Lux, Leipzig, Oscar-Discount in Novorossiysk
For more than a year I tried to get into this training sessions. often the groups were not recruited and the trainings were postponed... Read full review
Panteleeva Elizaveta, creative director "SHELE", european designers retail chain.
I liked the training very much, there is really a lot of essential information and fresh ideas that I want to put into practice! Elena is super professional and I want to attend all her courses! Recommend to all my piers.
Julia Petrova, owner and CEO "RiONA", production and retail clothing for women and kids
Many thanks to the Higher School of Economics and Natalia Chinenova for the excellent course on wholesale sales.
We have learned a lot. We will try to apply all of it into practice.
We look forward to a personal consultating.
Yulia Sofronova, manager "RiONA", production and retail clothing for women and kids
I liked everything - from the atmosphere to the information, each seminar is special and very clearly conveys the message. These are real instructions and management tools, everything is logical and consistent... Read full review
Ruslan Oystacher, owner and CEO "", children's footwear wholesaler
Our team attended a 5-day course. "VZV" is a company with over 10 years wholesales experience. We are the leaders in children's footwear marsales in Russia... Read full review
Anastasia Suchkova, social manager "Golova", manufacturer of knitted goods
Every day during class we received a lot of information thatwas easy to put in practice. Group work is especially important: there were many cases that are interesting to listen to and learn from.
We really want to get a brief feedback on our commercial offer and learn about howthe large companies create their commercial offers.
Sofia Ashur, Uzbek designer and creator of the Art by Sofia clothing brand
I like that can ask amy questions during seminar. All topics was discussed during training sessions. I suggest my piers to attend these seminars - trainings. Specialists can always learn something new... Read full review
Nadezhda Korobova, leading manager at "Modelli", manufacturer and retailer of casual ware for men and women.
Professionalism and extensive expertise in the industry of N. B. Chinenova was brought to us for further development and interaction with our wholesale customers. We would like to learn information on online stores: key parameters and common mistakes to stay away from , which manufacturers' sites you can pay attention to.
Raisa Plaksina, expert of the "Association of Fashion Designers of Kyrgyzstan"
Consistensy in the form of presentation, the importance of shared information, and ability to put everything into practice. Our teacher Natalia Borisovna - just great!
In the future I would love to learn more about speciphics of operations for online stores, fulfillment.
Katerina Matrosova, Marketing Director for wholesale manufacurer "Shuiskie Sitecy"
Many thanks to team FCG and, of course, Natalya Borisovna - for the knowledge and experience that was shared with us during these 5 days of trainings. Important and necessary information was presented in accessible form. After experiencing trainings with teachers like Natalia, you have confidence and desire to implement everything that was learned. The amount of new information was extensive.
"Happy Every Day", russian manufacturer and retailer for laungeware and sleepware
It was scary in the begining... Take blank sheet of paper and draw your first graph - a diagram of your future retail store! You don't realize how much knoladge it takes for retail project to tak of!!!... Read full review
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