Russian brands in resale

Sales of Russian designer goods on the secondary market increased by 17% year-on-year.

The origin of the brand is not of great importance to customers today. According to our research, in the fall of 2023, less than half of the customers of large Russian leading brands were able to confidently identify them as Russian.

The significant difference in choice is the difference between a known and an unknown brand. Today, in the current media field, Russian designers and Russian brands are represented much more actively than international ones. Their fame and popularity are increasing, and accordingly, the focus of customers’ attention is shifting to those who are most active.

In the short term, the popularity of Russian brands in resale will definitely grow. Since it is local companies that are most active in the market.

From a perspective, this will depend on how Russian companies can stand the test of time, maintain the price and quality bar in the absence of large international competitors in shopping centers, and can become a long-term, high-quality alternative to international brands.

Popularity of foreign brands in Russian resale

With international brands tumultuously exiting the market in 2022 and with uncertainty ahead, shoppers focused on brands that were feared to be unavailable or pricey.

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