School of Customer Service: How to increase sales in retail

Intensive practical course for sales associates, store managers and directors

You can purchase separate seminars or the entire program. Attendance of Seminar 1 is required. If you wish to purchase two or more seminars, the special discount will apply.
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5 days
Every day: 11:00 - 18:00
Certificate Fashion
Consulting Group


Seminar 1
  • How to approach customers in retail sales;
  • Mastering effective sales techniques and long-term client relations skills;
  • Practical skills to establish contact with client, identifying client needs and building effective presentation for VIP customers;
  • Effective sales mind set;
  • Nonstandard approach and methods of sales expansions. Added value services for clients.
Seminar 2
How to handle different personality types of customers:
  • Express Personality Assessment;
  • Classification of personality types bases on individual reactions;
  • Choosing the optimal model of behaviour in based on situation, reaction and customer’s personality type;
  • Build relationships with other personality types.
Seminar 3
Building long-term relationships with client. Phone calls and written communication:
  • Maintaining long-term relationships with clients (CRM, Client Books);
  • Communication channel preferences for customer service;
  • Phone Sales: sales skills and knowledge;
  • Algorithm/order of action (personal data collection, how to prepare before the phone call i.e. – Script for the call);
  • Practical skills in telephone conversations and correspondence with clients;
  • Modern written communications (e-mail, WhatsApp and other) – basic rules and mistakes to avoid.
Seminar 4
Difficult customers. Working with complaints:
  • Difficult customers and situations;
  • How can we lead clients into “difficult”? Actions and phrases to avoid;
  • How to deal with emerging issues in a positive manner;
  • Working with claims / complaints: effective methods;
  • Psychological characteristics in communication process;
  • Ways to turn customer complaints into customer loyalty;
  • How to politely decline a customer request.
Seminar 5
Luxury customer service. How to exceed customer expectations:
  • Luxury customer service;
  • How have customer service requirements changed in recent years?
  • Customer expectations;
  • Levels of Service – standard, premium, luxury service. Making service a competitive advantage;
  • Levels of judgement: professional dimension, human dimension, aesthetic dimension;
  • What is expected from VIP customer service? What customer is ready to pay for?
  • How to exceed customer expectations and convert relationship into loyalty.
Elena Stolyarskaya
Elena Stolyarskaya

Work experience in fashion luxury segment over 17 years. Project leader at ‘School of Customer Service’, former leader of “Luxury Training Academy at Mercury Group.

Developed and managed training program for store employees: Tretyakovskyi proezd, Barviha Luxury Village, Trade House Moscow, TSUM, DLT (St. Petersburg). Elens worked closely with high-profile luxury brands sach as: Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino, Loro Piana, Giorgio Armani, Brioni, Kiton, Tom Ford among others.

In-class daily sessions from 11am to 6pm (8 academic hours).
The class is held in the form of active engagement between students and coach. For successful training and study of theoretical material, the program includes coaching sessions, workshops and case-study.
You can purchase separate seminars or the entire program. Attendance of Seminar 1 is required. If you wish to purchase two or more seminars, the special discount will apply.
1 day 9 600 RUB
2 days 16 320 RUB (cost with 15% discount)
3 days 23 040 RUB (cost with 20% discount)
4 days 28 800 RUB (cost with 25% discount)
5 days 33 600 RUB (cost with 30% discount)
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