School of Customer Service: Reboot

Intensive practical course for sales associates, store managers and directors.

The seminars are to be purchased in full bundele. You can also purchase blitz consulting, it's paid expert consulting for the participants of training, covering the issues explored (the number of seats is limited).
May 13-17, 2024
5 days
Every day: 11:00-18:00 Participation is possible both offline and online
Certificate Fashion
Consulting Group


Seminar 1
LUXE customer service. Establishment of a new service standards: development and implementation in the company's work.
  • How have customer service requirements changed in recent years? Customer service as the main competitive advantage today. Key customer service trends;
  • Challenges of the new reality and options for their solution in working with fashion retail clients;
  • What is the ideal Luxe service. Components of a first-class service;
  • 4 levels of customer service – how to determine where you are? Express testing of the existing level of service in the company;
  • Three dimensions of service: professional dimension, human dimension, aesthetic dimension;
  • “Service is a business process, not just smiles to customers.” 4 stages of building a customer service system;
  • How to work with new service standards: create, implement and monitor their compliance.
  • Why are they like this? Classification of “difficult” clients and situations;
  • Development of an algorithm for handling claims/complaints;
  • Peculiarities of working with complaints and reclamations in a hybrid format – how to work with them in a public space;
  • Psychological features of the behavior of clients in the process of communication. What is important to pay attention to and what should be taken into account?
  • How to maintain customer loyalty in case of complaints and dissatisfaction;
  • “Consumer terrorism” – what is it and how to avoid it. Useful tips and links;
  • How to refuse a client while maintaining a constructive relationship with him;
  • How to solve “unsolvable” problems? Dealing with difficult client situations;
  • Communication with an aggressive client. Development of practical skills to resist aggression. Techniques for maintaining emotional balance when dealing with a difficult or conflicting client;
  • Express recovery techniques after a stressful situation.
  • Determining the strategic direction of development and areas of immediate development, taking into account the specifics of the company. Studying current cases of intensive participants.
Seminar 2
Sales. Working with a client on the salesroom. Difficult clients. Working with customer complaints:
  • Detailed consideration of the specifics of work on the salesroom. What is important and needs to be changed today in communications with customers;
  • Hybrid sales (offline and online). How to build work with clients in a new format?
  • How to “sell” an idea and a new service format to employees? How to motivate them to work? The optimal installation of a sales assistant for effective sales and communication with the client;
  • Which sales techniques work in the current situation, and which are no longer relevant? Scripts annoy customers – what to do?
  • Acquisition of new knowledge and skills by participants to improve the efficiency of personal sales and build long-term relationships with clients;
  • Development of practical skills of establishing contact with a new client, identifying the client’s needs and building an effective presentation for a VIP client;
  • 10 selling scenarios for additional sales. Sales extension methods and non-standard approaches.
Seminar 3
Building long-term relationships with client. Phone calls and written communication:
  • Why is it important to build long-term relationships with clients now? What information about the client is important for us and how to work with it? Learning how to maintain long-term relationships with clients;
  • Working with new and long-lost clients;
  • Are we calling or writing? Consideration of the specifics of various channels of communication with customers (phone calls, instant messengers, social networks, etc.). Their main pros and cons;
  • Calls that are annoying. How to get away from clichés and make a call or message as personalized and effective as possible;
  • How to choose the appropriate style of communication – what and how to write so that the client wants to continue communicating with you;
  • What to write to the client – drawing up the best options for messages on various occasions;
  • How not to lose a client – analyze common mistakes (format, phrases, word combinations, etc.) that are important to be aware of and avoid when corresponding with a client;
  • Development of practical skills of conducting telephone conversations and correspondence with clients.
Seminar 4
For managers:
Stages of building a customer service system in a company. Development and implementation of customer service standards protocols for employees
Working with a team - how to create a client-oriented team
Development and organization of on-the-job training for employees depending on the strategic goals and objectives of the company
Implementation of acquired knowledge and skills in work


  • What will we teach? How to build your own training system in the workplace;
  • Determination of the list of basic knowledge and practical skills of employees required for successful sales;
  • Drawing up a training plan that meets current business needs. Topic sequences for learning. Examples of preparing an employee training plan;
  • Technology of employee training: stages of training, effective methods, methods of active learning;
  • On-the-job training – how to choose the optimal format;
  • Specifics of active learning in the workplace. Mini-training technology;
  • How to implement the acquired knowledge and skills in daily work? Post-training support as an integral part of training;
  • Algorithm of actions after the training – what and when we do and how we control the result;
  • How to consolidate the acquired knowledge and skills in the workplace? Practical methods of post-training work.
Seminar 5
Working with clients of various psychological types:
  • Express – diagnostics of the psychological type of the client;
  • How to determine who is in front of you? Indicators of psychological type in external behavior (verbal and non-verbal);
  • Features of interaction with representatives of different psychological types. What can please and what will repel in communication with you, depending on psychotype. Basic principles of communication with people of different psychotypes;
  • Why is it so easy to communicate with some people, but not with others? Interaction of psychological types among themselves;
  • How to take advantage of your psychological type? What attracts representatives of another psychotype in you, and what is the zone of control and development? Individual development zones.
Elena Stolyarskaya
Elena Stolyarskaya

Work experience in fashion luxury segment over 17 years. Project leader at ‘School of Customer Service’, former leader of “Luxury Training Academy at Mercury Group.

Developed and managed training program for store employees: Tretyakovskyi proezd, Barviha Luxury Village, Trade House Moscow, TSUM, DLT (St. Petersburg). Elens worked closely with high-profile luxury brands sach as: Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino, Loro Piana, Giorgio Armani, Brioni, Kiton, Tom Ford among others.

In-class daily sessions from 11am to 6pm (8 academic hours).
Participation is possible both offline and online.
The class is held in the form of active engagement between students and coach. For successful training and study of theoretical material, the program includes coaching sessions, workshops and case-study.
Blitz consulting sessions are carried out online, the schedules are subject to be negotiated with participants.
Each session includes print out materials developed by author exclusively for the program.
The price equals 49,130 rubles (15% off) when paid before April 26
The price of 'blitz' consulting equals 24,000 rubles (20% off) when paid simultaneously with payment for the seminar.
5 days 57 800 RUB
Blitz consulting 30 000 RUB
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