Policies for workplace dress-codes. A guide to business attire.

Intensive training seminar for company leaders, top-managers, marketing directors, PR-directors, press secretary; specialists whose future career path depend on Human Resource management, and communication with business partners.

The class is held in the form of active engagement between students and coach.
The training is strictly intended only for corporate format
3 days
Every day: 11:00 - 17:00
Certificate Fashion Consulting Group


Training program:
  • Formulate main principles for organising, and planning men’s wardrobe;
  • Formulate the concepts of basic, rational and seasonal wardrobe for men;
  • Teach the participants how to form and maintain an individual smart style in their business field;
  • Men’s wardrobe: organization and planning. How to reduce costs and create an optimal wardrobe according to your lifestyle, status and professional needs;
  • Basic items for men’s wardrobe;
  • Basic principles of business attire – work etiquette;
  • Formal business attire – levels of conservatism;
  • Shirt – one of the main items of business attire;
  • Different styles of shirts in men’s wardrobe;
  • Tie as an independent item in men’s wardrobe;
  • Men’s shirt, costume & tie combinations guide;
  • Business casual style for men;
  • Principles of evening attire;
  • Formal evening attire.

After the seminar, participants will be able to

  • Apply in practice the principles of planning and expansion of personal wardrobe, based on the requirements of corporate culture and own lifestyle.
  • Form a business attire according to personal status and corporate environment.
Anush Gasparyan
Anush Gasparyan

Co-founder and CFO, Fashion Consulting Group.

Director of the Educational Centre “Management and Communication in Fashion Industry” at NRU HSE. Professor NRU HSE.

Anush has extensive experience in analytical and practical work in fashion, leads various consulting projects for Russia-based companies in fashion industry. Conducts practical seminars for the leading fashion companies in Russia. Anush is also develops corporate dress-codes for companies in various fields such as: political institutions, consulting and law firms, finance corporations and banks.

In-class session from 11am to 5 pm (6 academic hours).
The class is held in the form of active engagement between students and coach. For successful training and study of theoretical material, the program includes coaching sessions, workshops and case-study.
The training is strictly intended only for corporate format.
Please ask for price quote from our meneger.
The training is for 3 days
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