Multichannel visual merchandising. Modern technologies for sales growth.

Educational program for visual merchandisers, managers and directors of retail stores.

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December 11-15, 2023
5 days
Every day: 11:00 - 18:00
Certificate Fashion
Consulting Group


Seminar 1
Techniques and rules of visual merchandising:
  • The role of visual merchandising in sales;
  • How does visual merchandising affect consumer affective response?
  • Visual perception and the principles of gestalt;
  • 10 main visual merchandising techniques;
  • Distinctive features of representation for different types of goods: clothing, shoes, underwear, accessories.
Seminar 2
Designing and zoning retail space. Lighting and equipment:
  • Where does the design begins: technical requirements?
  • Foundations of zoning in retail;
  • Types of sales equipment and its functions;
  • How to increase sales by using the right lighting at the store;
  • Trends of modern store design.
Seminar 3
Displays, POS materials, Mannequins:
  • Different types of mannequins;
  • Role of windows display in sales; 
  • Window display characteristics: use of light, colour and creative direction;
  • Classification of POS materials;
  • Influence of colour in retail;
  • Window display workshop: clothes, shoes and accessories.
Seminar 4
Visual merchandising in retail store – workshop:
  • Product display;
  • Presentation of goods using colour palate;
  • Mannequins;
  • Primary skills for organising window displays (indoor / outdoor);
  • Lighting 101: Lighting plot for retail spaces.
Seminar 5
Use of visual merchandising online: e-commerce and social networks:
  • Visual merchandising and online communications;
  • Product presentation online;
  • Visual content for most valuable social networks and web-sites;
  • Introduction to Prop Styling and Set-design;
  • Product layout for still photography;
  • Set Design Workshop.
Natalia Chinenova
Natalia Chinenova

Head consultant “Business technologies in retail”

Leading expert in Franchising and Distribution

Lead Analyst of the Centre “Management and Communication in Fashion Industry” at NRU HSE

Practitioner in setting up Retail Business from scratch, development and management of retail chains with work experience in retail over 32 years. Former CEO of SELA Corporation. In 2010 Natalia was awarded with ‘Retail manager of the year’ in All-Russian Championship ‘Golden chains 2010’ for the highest effectiveness during the economic crisis.

In-class daily sessions from 11am to 6pm (8 academic hours).
The class is held in the form of active engagement between students and coach. For successful training and study of theoretical material, the program includes coaching sessions, workshops and case-study.
Each session includes print out materials developed by author exclusively for the program.
The price equals 49,130 rubles (15% off) when paid before November 27.
Practical session (Day 4) for offline participants only.
Please ask for price quote from our meneger.
5 days 57 800 RUB
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