Fashion branding. 12 successful role models

Intensive practical course for marketers, business owners, brand managers, advertising specialists, owners creating a personal brand.

You will learn how to create successful advertising images, create brand platforms, focus/polish your personal brand; form identify mechanisms of influence on consumers; understand the reasons of the success of advertising campaigns.
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2 days
Every day: 11:00 - 18:00 Participation is possible both offline and online
Certificate Fashion Consulting Group


Seminar 1
  • How does fashion branding begin? What questions do you need to know the answers to before starting branding? Check-list of branding codes.
  • Principles of successful fashion branding. Context-motivation matrix. Check-list of attributes of modern fashion branding.
Seminar 1
  • 12 types of role models in fashion branding. Principles of construction. Markers by which the role model is read. Principles of embeddability of role models: choosing the right contexts and plots.
  • Successful cases of using role models: a detailed analysis of role models in advertising, cinema, social networks.
Majya Kaznacheeva
Majya Kaznacheeva

Marketing Director Fasion Consulting Group

Has extensive experience in the development of marketing strategies and tactics in the fashion industry, conducts various consulting projects for Russian and international companies (marketing strategy, positioning, branding, naming, brand identity development, etc.). Conducts expert, qualitative and quantitative research for fashion companies.

In-class daily sessions from 11am to 6pm (8 academic hours).
Participation is possible both offline and online.
he class is held in the form of active engagement between students and coach. For successful training and study of theoretical material, the program includes coaching sessions, workshops and case-study.
Each session includes print out materials developed by author exclusively for the program.
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