Effective retail sales: sales management, employee motivation, reporting and controlling

Intensive training course for retail executives, store managers and showroom owners.

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5 days
Every day: 18:00 - 21:00
Format: online, live broadcast, Moscow time
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Seminar 1
Retail Economics:

Sales planning- logic, rules and formilas:

  • Turnover from the shelf planning – how to calculate future turnover before opening a retail store based on traffic;
  • Sales tact – how to plan sales per seller and how many sellers are needed to serve customers;
  • Store turnover prediction based on the capacity of the sales.

Cost planning:

  • Which expense items relate to the costs of operating a store;
  • Cost-to-turnover practice;
  • Differences between operating costs and store investments;
  • The logic of creating an investment budget for a retail store.

Key performance indicators of a retail store (formulas).


Seminar 2
Cost effectivenes

Cost effectiveness:

  • Computer simulation of cost-effectiveness calculations for various situations;
  • Effective use of rented space;
  • Cost reduction practices in Russia.

Purchasing power – what it is and how to calculate:

  • Cost structure of consumers of various segments for clothing, footwear and accessories;
  • Sensitivity to prices.

The logic of pricing and creating a markup that can cover costs and ensure business profitability:

  • Number of prices per product – markup level at each pricing stage;
  • Number of retail prices in the store (price step width);
  • The concept of a price rhombus and why it is needed;
  • Mark up and mark down – how to predict the markup level at the end of the season.


Seminar 3
Working with balancing stocks without losses

Balancing stocks:

  • Common mistakes in sales technologies that contribute to the appearance of stocks;
  • Characteristics and clustering of stocks.

Life cycle of goods:

  • The concept of “basic” goods;
  • Product fashionability and life cycle length.

Rules for working with balancing stocks:

  • Sales calendar of balancing stocks;
  • Distribution channels for balancing stocks;
  • From a liability to an asset – stimulating sales using balancing stocks;
  • Advertising a brand (sometimes a store) using leftover inventory.
Seminar 4
Loyalty programs

The importance of customer loyalty for increasing sales:

  • What is customer loyalty: emotional and material components;
  • How loyalty programs affect the growth or decline of store profitability. Cases from practice. Calculation formulas.

Modern loyalty programs:

  • Service – paid and free;
  • Discounts or bonuses? Which customer motivation system to choose?
  • Is loyalty program automation necessary?
  • Case studies.

Rules for developing a loyalty program:

  • Audit of the existing loyalty program;
  • Analysis of customer needs;
  • Algorithm for the development and implementation of a new program.


Seminar 5
Staff motivation

How to choose a store seller:

  • What are the quality characteristics of store personnel?
  • How to correctly test and question a seller or why we need empathy;
  • Examples of survey questions.

How to generate payment to the seller:

  • Grading is an ideal formula for career growth and bonus reduction within the framework of the law;
  • Does the seller need KPIs? How to develop a bonus system?
  • Personal selling or competition between shifts? What to choose?
  • Do sales always depend on the seller?

Staff motivation and retail store turnover growth (basic formulas). KPI of a retail store.

Natalia Chinenova
Natalia Chinenova

Head consultant “Business technologies in retail”.

Leading expert in Franchising and Distribution.


Practitioner in setting up Retail Business from scratch, development and management of retail chains with work experience in retail over 32 years. Former CEO of SELA Corporation. In 2010 Natalia was awarded with ‘Retail manager of the year’ in All-Russian Championship ‘Golden chains 2010’ for the highest effectiveness during the economic crisis.

In-class daily sessions from 18 pm to 21 pm (4 academic hours).
5 intense interactive online sessions. Each session is accompanied by handouts.
Attention! The training is not recorded!

The cost of the training includes materials developed by author exclusively for the program.
5 days 46 000 RUB
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