Effective online sales: fashion online store and marketplaces

Workshop course for representatives of offline fashion business who wants to develop their business online; specialists from fashion brand sales and marketing department who wants to increase the average check and website sales; fashion market newcomers who wants to reduce startup costs and attract new clients

A practical course on effective online sales in the context of market changes and players in 2024.
Recordings are available for 3 months.
11-20 march, 2024
8 days
19:00-20:30, on weekdays. Format: online, live broadcast mode, Moscow time
Certificate Fashion Consulting Group


Seminar 1
Introductory lesson
  • Main e-commerce trends for the fashion market in Russia;
  • Basic sales formats and structure of the e-commerce market;
  • Synergy vs conflict of sales channels: assortment management;
  • Organizational structure and main business processes of e-commerce in fashion (control zone).
Seminar 2
Choosing a platform for developing an online store
  • Small business: Cloud (SAAS) solutions. Review of options;
  • Large business: Licensing solutions. Review of options;
  • Platform selection criteria.
Seminar 3
Fashion online-store design and usability
  • A convenient website is a necessary requirement for sales;
  • Basic usability rules;
  • Selling website structure Usability checklist.
Seminar 4
Warehouse Logistics
  • Options for organizing an online store warehouse;
  • Algorithm for the operation of a professional warehouse;
  • Overview of warehouse operations. Control points”
Seminar 5
Orders delivery
  • Basic options for organizing delivery;
  • Clothes and shoes delivery specifics: fitting, partial purchase, etc.;
  • Own delivery service. Advantages and disadvantages;
  • Outsourced delivery service. Risks of working with external courier services.
Seminar 6
Online Marketing
  • Review of effective promotion tools;
  • Principles of SEO promotion;
  • Paid promotion. PPC Marketing Tools;
  • Content marketing;
  • Email marketing;
  • Tools for assessing marketing effectiveness: Ya.Metrika, Google Analytics.
Seminar 7
  • Types of multi/omnichannel;
  • Interaction organisation between retail and online businesses;
  • Omnichannel as a new level of company management.
Seminar 8
  • Key trends in the development of marketplaces in Russia (new era of e-commerce);
  • Profiles of the main marketplaces. Buyer’s view vs. seller’s view;
  • Exiting and organizing work on marketplaces. Analysis of the features of each of the marketplaces (top 5);
  • Promotion on the marketplace. Analysis of the tools of each of the marketplaces (top 5).
Alexey Salychev
Alexey Salychev

Fashion e-commerce expert. Head of e-commerce consulting programs.

Author and presenter of coaching programs and workshops for companies implementing omnichannel strategies.

In 2011, Alexey opened several online stores in St. Petersburg and Moscow, which were subsequently successfully sold. In 2013, Alexey headed the online store of the fashion brand “LOVE REPUBLIC”, which is part of the Melon Fashion Group. Also, as director of e-commerce Alexey developed online stores of the brands “INCITY”, “GNC”, “SELA”.

Alexey launched the largest multi-category marketplace in Transcaucasia, Ozzi.az, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Alexey is a CEO of his own service company “eCompass” which is an information and service ecosystem of services for managing and developing sales on marketplaces.

In-class daily sessions from 19 pm to 6pm (2 academic hours) in weekdays/
Format: online, live broadcast mode, Moscow time/
8 intense interactive online sessions. Each topic contains an analysis of examples from 2023-2024. Each session is accompanied by handouts.
Recordings are available for 3 months.
Each session includes print out materials developed by author exclusively for the program.
8 days 36 800 RUB
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