Fashion assortment management in a crisis: optimization and planning of inventory and assortment matrix for online, offline and marketplace

Intensive training course for product management, designers, buyers and business owners

The seminars are to be purchased in full bundele. You can also purchase blitz consulting, it's paid expert consulting for the participants of training, covering the issues explored (the number of seats is limited).
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5 days
Monday - Thursday: 11:00 - 18:00
Participation is possible both offline and online
Certificate Fashion
Consulting Group


Seminar 1
Optimization of the assortment structure, matrix and category system for omnichannel retail:
  • Principles of effective assortment structuring to increase sales;
  • How to develop key competencies in a crisis and turn them into a competitive advantage;
  • Optimization of assortment description in IT product
Seminar 2
Offline inventory calculation optimization: a step-by-step algorithm for calculating, optimizing methods and assortment performance indicators:
  • Basic principles of assortment optimization;
  • Optimization of calculations of the main indicators of the effectiveness of the inventory, their correlation;
  • Workshop accompanied with step-by-step instructions and a calculation calculator;
  • Note: each listener will receive a file with the considered calculation technology and ready-made customized forms. The listener will be able to substitute the data of his business and make personal calculations
Seminar 3
Assortment planning for marketplaces and own online store:
  • Characteristics of consumer demand: marketplaces VS online stores;
  • 3 main assortment strategies for forming the assortment of an omnichannel retailer;
  • Key marketplace performance indicators and their projection on assortment performance indicators;
  • A map of the seller’s business processes when working with ONLINE sales on marketplaces;
  • Key cost items of marketplaces and online stores;
  • Unite-economy – planning and support of the effectiveness of each SKU;
  • An example of forming an assortment matrix for an omnichannel retailer;
  • An example of the algorithm of work and calculation steps for generating a new SKU and re-shipping to the marketplace;
  • Services for sales analytics on marketplaces
Seminar 4
How to create an effective fashion collection and model range: processes, techniques, best cases:
  • How not to lose the “face” of the brand in the assortment during crisis;
  • Technology for selecting new products in the model range and reducing the risks of undersales;
  • Algorithm of processes for the development of a commercial model range;
  • Workshop of digital-formation of the model range
Seminar 5:
How to keep balance in the norm or assortment management technologies during the season:
  • Map of business processes for assortment management;
  • Why assortment plans or factors affecting the amount of residues are not being fulfilled;
  • Ways of influencing the normalization of the indicator of residuals and examples of their practical use;
  • How to determine which articles will not fulfill the assortment plan
Galina Kravchenko
Galina Kravchenko

Department Director, Assortment of Goods and Operations 

Director, Trend Analytics FCG – FashionSnoops

Galina specialises in fashion collection development (clothing and shoes), assortment strategy in retail chains and wholesale companies. Introduces international experience of fashion product development into practice of Russian companies.

In class sessions from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00 (8 academic hours).
Additional topic: Commercial trends for the FW 23 season (4 academic hours).
The class is held in the form of active engagement between students and coach. For successful training and study of theoretical material, the program includes coaching sessions, workshops and case-study.
Blitz consulting sessions are carried out online, the schedules are subject to be negotiated with participants.
Each session includes print out materials developed by author exclusively for the program.
The price of the training equals 33,830 rubles (15% off) when paid before 02/10/2022.
The price of 'blitz' consulting equals 20,000 rubles (20% off) when paid simultaneously with payment for the seminar.
5 days 39 800 RUB
Blitz consulting 25 000 RUB
Additional topic 6 600
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